Xuan Bac talked when Hoai Linh, Tran Thanh did not win the VTV Awards

Ngày đăng: 08/09/2017

In the VTV Awards 2017, Meritorious Artist Xuan Bac has overcome four opponents “heavy weights” as Meritorious Artist Hoai Linh, Meritorious Artist Cong Ly, Truong Giang, Tran Thanh to win the category of Impressive comedian.

Speaking after receiving the award, the North comedians shared, “I was very surprised with this award, and in the top 5, everyone was better than me but today I was lucky. We worked hard, did not know about tomorrow, this award is for all comedians”.

“Any comedian won the prize, I’m happy”

You have just won the comedian award at the VTV Awards, how is your feelings like?

Hold this award on hand, I am very happy. I am glad that a category award for comedian is a huge opening. Sometimes there are people who are prejudiced comedy now and then. So this award-winning evaluation opens up another thought that is the importance of laughter in life.

With this award, any comedian won the prize I am happy too. But, of course, the joy myself is a little bigger.

The category that you have won also includes heavyweight nominees such as Hoai Linh, Cong Ly, Tran Thanh, Truong Giang. If you were not the winner, what nomination would you nominate?

Mr. Hoai Linh is a great performer, huge amount of fans. Tran Thanh has also been dedicating for many years. Truong Giang has been emerging for the past three years and is widely regarded as devoting himself to acting, bringing laughter into life.

Cong Ly does not have to say, both as a colleague and as a brother. To tell the truth is that these last few years, we sometimes hate each other, there are moments when we love each other extremely and also have a look at each other tears.

In particular, in the program of “Tao quan”, as Bac Dau, Cong Ly is very worthy of the award. Cong Ly is not only a comedian but also plays the role of a playwright, as well as acting in a good drama.  Mr. Ly’s expressiveness and amplitude are very broad.

If awarded, I will give it to Cong Li or Truong Giang, which is my personal assessment.

“Artists need to recognize responsibility for laughter”

About 3 years ago, many comments that never laughter on television is “cheap” like that, no longer distilled and expensive as before. As an impressive comedian award artist, what do you think?

Everyone needs laughter, in life, laughter is very meaningful.  Laughter itself helps us to be optimistic and believe in life. Many people look very hard but smile back to the radiant joy of the very real.

Of course, prejudice is the work of prejudice, they have the right to judge the quality of comedy on television. But it is true that the laughter on television also needs to be more selective in order to win the trust of the audience, and bring aesthetic values ​​to the people.

Laughter must be distracted, if the laughter is easy, the audience turn away is difficult to avoid. There are also people who turn their backs, besides those who acclaim.

Meaningful comments also help artists look back on themselves and pay attention to the work of their own?

Of course, contrary comments are necessary. No program is all down, nor is any program all the same.

Artists need to be aware of their responsibilities for laughter and to listen. At the same time, artists need to selectively bring laughter, meaning how to reach the audience.

The goal of laughter is twofold: Physical laughter, called “tickling” and deep laughter, brings aesthetic value to the good, contributing to optimism.

Every laugh has, therefore, the artist must have enough thought, the director must also be aware of the right, the audience must have a certain level of assessment. Combine so many things to get the laughter we want.

But what is the reason for overriding effect of comedy versus serious comedy on television?

Actually, serious comedy is very hard, serious can not do comedy. But, as I said, laughter requires selectivity, which is a deep laugh. Laugh to have what we ponder, make life beautiful.

There was a period of laughter at the throne, at which time the TV makers struggled to find direction. An audience they accept that laughter as a mere satisfaction. But anything has its own development.

You’re on the market with still many disc that people can not see, but they still exist, still sell, even many episodes.

Therefore, it is important that, at the beginning of the program, the workers have to determine how their work, bringing value to life. With the thought of bringing jokes, it is serious work.

Comedians on television are prone to “accidents” or to boring audiences. Are you afraid of this?

If anybody commented on my name for a lot of appearances, I would like to meet face-to-face to see how many programs I appear on. At that time, I just answered about the boring or not.