Tieu Chau Nhu Quynh: “I do not ask uncle Lam Truong to help me”

Ngày đăng: 28/08/2016

The 9X singer said she was independent when she entered the singing business. Although she was not helped by Lam Truong, she denied rumors that be not in a good relationship with him.

Recently, Tieu Chau Nhu Quynh appeared frequently with her boyfriend on her personal page to surprise audiences. She said the five-month love affair with an ordinary man is by chance. They met for the first time at a party.

“Lover always apologizes when I’m hot-tempered”

“He kept looking at me during the party, which made me think he had bad intentions. Until he started talking, I was suspicious. Then, he asked me to sing then I sympathize more with him”, the singer recounts.

Tieu Chau Nhu Quynh confesses her point of view when loving someone is that will love all by herself and seriously thinking about the future. She does not accept superficial love or on purpose.

Tieu Chau Nhu Quynh

Tieu Chau Nhu Quynh

“I used to love wholeheartedly but only hurt broken back. Since then, I have a suspicious psychology whenever anyone treats me well for love, even with my boyfriend. When I saw him trying to look after, doing everything for myself, I was conquered”, she recalled.

Talking about her boyfriend’s love, Tieu Chau Nhu Quynh said that she appreciates it through actions than words. For example, faced with the temper of the female singer or the discord, he always actively hug and apologize her first. He said: “I am hot-tempered and he is also like that then only can poured into the fire. So to keep the air he accepts to lose”.

Publicity of new love on the occasion of upcoming new music product will release soon so Lam Truong’s niece is suspected of using the affection for PR.

Tieu Chau Nhu quynh said, “It is normal for a song to always have a story on the sidelines. Previously, I rarely shared my personal views so few viewers understood me. Open my heart, share more maybe there are more new friends, many opportunities”.

I want to be independent, do not like to rely on Lam Truong

Step into the career when there is an uncle is a famous singer Lam Truong, everyone thinks singer 9X is helped by her uncle, in fact she made it all. She argues that family is a spiritual support, not a place to work together.

“I have no right to ask my uncle for help. Can not tell if he did not help me, he treated poorly to me or hate him? If you just rely on the family, there I no one who wants to work with me again”, she emphasized.

In response to the rumor between the two uncle is distant, less intimate, Tieu Chau Nhu Quynh explained: “The time of Uncle Truong is far from the present. Now the singer is not just singing or being famous, there is no scene of people pulling together to see the show in theaters anymore … So I walk on the path of my own choosing without interference from the family. For me, Uncle Truong is open, cute”.

With the view to work herself so many years the two Tieu Chau Nhu Quynh and Lam Truong do not have the same product. In addition, the reason is Lam Truong is quite carefully, perfection.

“Wanting to have a song with him, at least my song has to agree with him. He is busy with her family so I keep waiting”, she added.