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Chi Pheo is a movie film that is advertised as being built on the basis of material from Chi Pheo’s literary work by Nam Cao. The characters in the film are similar in character to the characters in the original plot, such as Chi (Chi Pheo), Na (Thi No), Thien Ba (Ba Kien), etc.

Dang Huu Lam – team Soobin Hoang Son made the coach “shocked” in the fourth round Hide of The Voice Kids – Vietnamese voice singing 2017 when singing the song “The roof of temple in sea village”. This boy from Binh Thuan has made the listener listen to his unspoken singing voice in his pretty

During the sharing with us today, People’s Artist Anh Tu still keep calm and talk as ever. He responded to questions about his current relationship with Xuan Bac after being humiliated by his wife.

Huong Tram confided that the troubles faced in the past helped her grow up and also reminded the singer not to sleep on the victory. However, Huong Tram at the age of 22 hopes the public will only care about her music instead of the old shocking statements.

Ho Hoai Anh with Luu Thien Huong have shared around the role of the judge for this year’s sing and dance talent search.

The first episode of season four – the female season of “Star Enlistment” has just aired and immediately caused fever by colorful, personality candidates Huong Giang Idol. Besides a gentle Nhung Gumiho, Mai Ngo is always different, Kha Ngan is strong, Huong Giang Idol continues to leave the impression in the audience is a witty,

Appearing in the finale of Vietnam’s Next Top Model Season All Stars, in addition to the popular crowd supporters, Cao Ngan also was ridiculed about her thin body. However, little is known behind the apathy appearance that many say is “mobile skeleton”, “Egyptian mummy” or “do not care for yourself” is a story that when

“The Judge” is the film has three directors are Khai Anh, Mai Hien and Danh Dung. The first 26 episodes of the film by Mai Hien – Khai Anh in charge, Danh Dung is director from episode 27 to the last episode, 47.

In the VTV Awards 2017, Meritorious Artist Xuan Bac has overcome four opponents “heavy weights” as Meritorious Artist Hoai Linh, Meritorious Artist Cong Ly, Truong Giang, Tran Thanh to win the category of Impressive comedian.

When the era of milk tea to the throne with a series of tea shops are growing up close, dainty, guests do not know what flavor to choose then the fruit tea appears. The younger, though not too unfamiliar with young people, is also a noteworthy option but has not really been widely welcomed.