The director of “The Judge” first spoke up on the controversy The director of “The Judge” first spoke up on the controversy

Ngày đăng: 09/09/2017

“The Judge” is the film has three directors are Khai Anh, Mai Hien and Danh Dung. The first 26 episodes of the film by Mai Hien – Khai Anh in charge, Danh Dung is director from episode 27 to the last episode, 47.

However, when episode 47 was a fierce controversy on social networks, director Danh Dung chose to remain silent. After ”The Judge” won the Drama Awards at the VTV Awards, the male director first shared his thought.

“The Judge” is a breakthrough

Before the “great win” at the VTV Awards, “The Judge” has stormed the scene throughout the screen with high rating and brings VTV the amount of advertising is not small. As one of the three film directors, what can you share?

All the results are the audience’s recognition for the new filmmaking approach, a new approach of a drama as “The Judge”.

But to achieve that, we have been on a nearly two-year journey. “The Judge” is the first Vietnamese TV series to have three directors, including Khai Anh, Mai Hien and myself.

But for the three to harmonize with each other, interact, complement and highlight each other’s roles, we noted the effort and wisdom of the director Do Thanh Hai. Not only directing, managing the work that director Do Thanh Hai also began working directly with us.

The general public acknowledged “The judge” as a turning point for Vietnamese TV drama with new thinking, ways and technology. What do you think about these positive comments?

Truly, “The Judge” is a breakthrough, not only to the public but we feel the same way. How can I say enough?  First, “The judge” is the film made from foreign script, the original script is very good, we just need to invest in Vietnamization.

Second, it is invested in people and machines. It is rare to have a Vietnamese movie that brings together a strong cast of such elite faces. The film also recorded synchronized and modern technology.
In the end, the Judge is noted for its novel storytelling, helping to guide the audience from one situation to the other. The combination of these factors has made the film’s success.

“We have discussed 3-4 ways to end”

But, besides positive feedback, there are many opinions that the last episode of “The Judge” was a failure, when the outcome was too short, tragic, even hypocritical?

I have to say this, we are living in a society different from the society in “The Judge”. This is a movie about the underworld, about black society. That society only occupies a few in society as compared to the majority of society protected by law.

Positive feedback, negative feedback, I know.  But perhaps many viewers are overwhelmed with the characters in the movie and forget that many are always looking for peace. Peace must be the end.
Phan Quan said, “The family is the only one, and the other things are not important”, the family must be number one. But in the end, the family’s tragedy ends, which is the rigor and price that Phan Quan has to pay when embarked on that path.

Family is still number one which is the highlight in the movie. But the message that the film is directed before doing anything let’s think of your family, do illegal things, family also can not be peaceful.
As the director of the second half of the film “The Judge”, including the final episode, when reading the contrary feedback, disappointment, even criticism of the audience, how  did your psychology change?
My psychology before and after is always the best work and most satisfying audience. We used to sit together to make a lot of ending, at least 3-4 ways to end.

Finally we choose the way that people have seen. Of course, there are many dissatisfied spectators but with so many crowds, we can not serve any particular audience.

There is much speculation about the second part of “The Judge” because the end of the film is widely considered an open end. What is your thought?

The second part of “The Judge” is not part of our plan, if there is a plan of the VFC leader – the producer, we do not have any information at all.9