Deputy Director of Vietnam Dramatic Theater: “I just met Xuan Bac”

Ngày đăng: 13/09/2017

During the sharing with us today, People’s Artist Anh Tu still keep calm and talk as ever. He responded to questions about his current relationship with Xuan Bac after being humiliated by his wife.“I am sad and hurt”

Surprisingly was blamed by Nguyen Hong Nhung for the intervention of the Board of Management of the Hanoi College of Arts, which prompted her to be excluded from the Graduation Council. What are your feelings today? Do you fear your reputation after this incident is reduced?

I brought a delegation to China for a very successful concert in Guangxi, I came back yesterday and knew this. I do not use facebook so do not know what livestream is, just use the phone to message and call.

But to be honest, I feel a bit tired and sad. I do not fear the prestige of my influence but the hurt is.

This story I think is very simple and happened since June. Now Nhung dig this story up I do not understand what the motivation is, so I am a little disturbed.

When graduating, I was just a collaborator, the school leaders invited me to join then I accept.

The reason is that since the new school re-established the faculty of Theater, Tran Duc was the head of the department but he now retired, he invited me to teach then I have a stick.

The exams depending on the year that schools do not invite me or not although to sit I teach usually. This is depending on the year but I also feel comfortable because I’m a collaborator so I also feel relieved. Not necessarily sit in for dread.

In June, I have commented with the administration, this is the national exam that the current school difficult to invest for students. Moreover, nowadays, they often choose to go straight to university, so it is very difficult to get into college.

I am devoted to the school should have commented that the school has many good but also should promote more faces and Council examinations in 2017 should invite people, such as Le  Khanh, Lan Huong, Hoang Dung … It was just my opinion but the decision is still the school.

That means in your suggestion only to invite one person and not the other, not to mention that should leave Nhung or someone out of the judge panel?

That’s right, it’s just the opinion of an individual but who is decided is by the governing body. But maybe they find my opinion is reasonable to listen. I see that is also true.

Sitting in the council position should be the title face, more prestige, that story has passed since June has now passed 3 months, I still do not understand why everything is now dig up.

Before meeting this issue, have you ever met Nguyen Hong Nhung and how is relationship between two people like? On the school side when the incident became noisy have you contacted?

I met with normal attitude. I and Xuan Bac are in the theater. And me and Nhung rarely met because I mainly teach in the evening.

But sometimes meet is still very sincere also laments the story, the job, the students now not as enthusiastic as the old things. In general, I have nothing with Nhung and Bac. Maybe she misunderstood in a certain way.

For the past 3 months I have not seen her because since the vacation I was not going to school anymore and I was busy too. On the side of the school, I have not found anything to do with me nor anything serious.

“I do not know how deep Bac inside is.”

How do you and Xuan Bac today face each other like?

We have just finished drinking together. I said: “Hey everyone cares how about me you in the theater like”.  Bac said, “Oh man, that is story of women.”

Maybe Nhung misunderstood me that story but I still appreciate because it’s no matter.

But some people commented on the internet that this was because you and Xuan Bac had a horn about the position in the theater so wanted to “drown”?

There is no such thing like that. My most recent play still invited Bac to star in the lead and
Bac played very well.  I like it very much.

I also praise Bac: “You play the drama I prefer even more comedy”. I do not know how deep Bac inside is. But I think both me and Bac must be very sober in this.

For me this is simple and it has been a long time since nothing fumbled. But those who take advantage of this to deduce the other then I do not care.

In addition to your “intervention”, Nhung was not allowed to sit on the exam board.The lecturer also said that the materials of the Hanoi College of Art were very shabby and that the chairs were not enough to sit. As a regular in school, do you see that?

Because I did not watch livestream so I do not know how Nhung said. As for material facilities, I find the culture industry is always poor, always invested in tight. The culture industry here understands theatrical industry and training.

It’s a waste of investment, but I do not think it’s too bad. The school can not be wide because in the diamond land that is in the suburbs where as spacious as new requirements should be accepted as well.