Suni Ha Linh: “Mom and Dad sell the house for me study banking, I’m still a singer”

Ngày đăng: 03/09/2017

Suni Ha Linh confirmed her income after two years of singing is not high, not even enough for the singer to provide retirement parents and family travel.

Music with Suni Ha Linh is a passion but also a trade-off. The girl has just released a hit song “I knew” that make many people jealous, She considered herself is not self-born for music. And the vocal she has today is completely due to the rehearsal effort.

Obviously, compared to the vocalist, the path that self-styled vocalists like Suni have to go on and on is much more difficult, not to mention the difficulties that come from family and relatives.

However, Suni accepts to trade-off a job offer from a banking official which is considered stable to pursue music, a job she shares with low-income and not affordable for retired parents.

Let parents cried for the pursuit of music

Suni Ha Linh was passionate about music since she was in high school. However, that dream had to wait after the voice of “I knew” to become a banker.

At that time, passion for music with Suni was not big enough to overcome self-doubt, anxiety. Not to mention, her parents after a long time in the art industry also tried to prevent the girl with the reason “this job is very hard and unstable”.

“From secondary school to now, I always wanted to pursue a career but lacked determination and fear of uncertain future, so even though I love music, I do not dare to bet. Then, when I went to work as a banker, I realized that I could not live my life with this job. So after spending a lot of time thinking, I decided to pursue my dream for a while”, the singer said.

Previously, with the desire to have a stable life, Suni’s parents sold the house for her to study abroad. With her parents’ small pensions and income from doing more work at the same time, Suni completed her studies abroad.

She returned and brought with her the hope of the family. And then, when her parents thought her daughter had been “frozen” as a bank employee, she once again expressed the desire to become a singer, only thing, this time she is more determined.

“At first, my parents cried then argued. In general, in the family, atmosphere was always very tired, tense. However, because I thought very carefully, I had to find ways to persuade. After hearing the girl explain, parents still disagree. Finally, I decided to do it myself to prove to people that I am determined to be a career”, said the voice of the 1993 birth.

Stress due to work pressure and using weight loss medication

The challenge for a girl to self-identify not born for music has not stopped there. After winning the Vietnam Star, instead of launching a new music product to take advantage of the heat, Suni Ha Linh then used her real name as Thu Giang and chose the path to Korea training.

And from here, the difficulty to become a real singer started. The singer trained from vocal, dance to acting in front of the camera.

The culture of singer training in Korea is known harshly, not to mention the life in a foreign country is also very different. Suni Ha Linh has been stressed for a long time because of the pressure from exercising and using weight loss drugs.

And even with the first hit, “I knew”, Suni was also worried. This time, the pressure is to make the audience love her. Even, the goal of the new song to overcome the shadow of the hit “I knew” is heavier on the shoulders of the singer.

“I was very lucky that the first product was of interest. However, the success of the first song also worried me. While waiting for the new song, I was very confused and it was always worried that it was being compared. Not to mention, at that time, many singers have released successful products”, she confided.

Leaving Lime for having to take responsibility

Suni used to be a member of the Lime group. However, after that, the singer decided to leave the group. At times, Lime debuted with the song “Do not hurry”, then actively worked in Korea and participated in some shows in this country, Suni still struggling to know how to be knew by the audience.

Therefore, when watching Lime has some achievements and while doing cover clips but not pay attention, Suni extremely anxious and sad.

“Honestly, at that time, looking at Lime debuted, then there were more activities in Korea, I felt anxious and sad. Anyway, I have been trained together with the group for a long time. However, everything has its price, like saying that if I like Lime to be in Korea for a year, I can not do it”, Suni said.

Sharing about the reason for leaving Lime, Suni said, “The management company of the group then operated under the Korean model so very strict. Also, in the group, I’m the big sister and also the best Korean speaker so I usually have to stand on the pole. I myself am a straight man so there are also some friction with the company”.

“However, the most important reason is because my parents are also older. Meanwhile, the company again taken in the same house far away makes me every month only visited my parents once. In particular, each time see my parents are older but also have to go to visit me, I feel very guilty”, she explained further.

Income is not enough to support the family

After a period of music pursuit, Suni Ha Linh did not feel as miserable as her parents said. However, young vocalist insists “do art is not happy”.

“The first suffering is very lonely. In the past, I always had friends and relatives at my side, and now I do not have much time to meet because I’m too busy. The next difficulty is when we see people launch new products, while I am completely silent. At times like that, I was very embarassed and felt myself inferior to people”, she said.

Singers are often referred to as “picking up money”, however, with young vocals like Suni, her earning is not high, not even enough for the singer to provide for her retired parents.

My income is not high, so I feel sorry for my parents. I have the desire to get my parents to travel but after 2 years, my income is not enough to make that happen.

My parents did not ask for anything but I feel sorry because my parents are already old. Moreover, doing this job can not spend much time for parents. I did not spend much time and did not support my family, so I was very sad”, the singer added.