Soobin Hoang Son: “I used to be confused about my choice in art”

Ngày đăng: 07/09/2017

From an underground artist to a young singer loved by many young people, Soobin Hoang Son not only emerged from luck, but behind the glamor is the self-righteous times, keep trying, standing on his feet to achieve success like today.

Ever wanted to give up, give up everything because do not know where to go!

At the present time, Soobin Hoang Son is known as a young singer who owns a series of hit songs and has a huge number of fans. However, not many people know that behind the success is the few days of Soobin fall into a period of imbalance because he did not know what he want and will do, where to go on the blind and thorny future.

“At the time of doing art, there were times when I thought I wanted to give up, and at that time I did not know what to do, how to continue my career path and passion. I do art is spontaneous, passionate, never thought of profit, underground activity is also a hindrance because we work for passion rather than income, finance. Joining showbiz late is also a big obstacle for me”, said Soobin Hoang Son.

As a child, Soobin Hoang Son has the intention of becoming a “dan bau” player or pianist. This is what the singer’s parents want. However, due to feeling personally has singing talent, Soobin Hoang Son decided to turn direction. Soobin expressed that at that time in his mind he just wished to stand on stage and burned himself like the idol Michael Jackson because his shows haunted and infiltrated his blood since childhood.

Soobin Hoang Son’s affection for music came to the end of high school when he started writing his first song, singing to his friends and sharing it on social networks. The song quickly gained attention and popularity from the online community, so Soobin decided to pursue and direct himself in underground, R&B and Hiphop. “I met Justa Tee, Big Daddy, Touliver are underground monuments, it was very fortunate to be close to them, since my participation in the group, I was determined to become a well-known singer that has inspired me to change so much”, male singer said.

Always thought of one thing in the way of music: “Just go will come!”

In particular, Soobin Hoang Son also shared the view that he always said that to persevere to pursue his passion, surely success will come. “Everybody has their own options, you may like this, but the other likes something else, so young people always have to know what they want, what they need. Your strengths are not to be duplicated by others, maybe you sing but you are not sure that you are the best, so as a singer you have to improve on other skills such as playing musical instruments, choreography and acting as the audience now not only want to look at the stage but also want to see what they can do in real life! “ – Soobin Hoang Son sent words to encourage young people with the same passion, want to pursue professional singing career.

In addition, male singer shared in the near future, he will try to complete the launch of his debut mini album to mark the way of singing. In addition, the vocal of “Behind a Girl” will cherish a Live Concert and a future Liveshow.

Because of the passionate pursuit of many Vietnamese young, on the afternoon of September 4th, Soobin Hoang Son accepted the interview with four candidates of the “Talent Management Specialist”. Here, the owner of the hit song “Behind a Girl” had a talk with the young people about orienting and building the image for the male singer in the future. Throughout the duration of the show, Soobin Hoang Son openly shared, hearted as well as enthusiastically motivating the 4 candidates confident self-expression. Therefore, it is not difficult for the singer to quickly get the sympathy of the members presented.

The young are now so good, they can see things that Soobin can not see

During the conversation, all four contestants proved their ability to provide the direction and very detailed assessment of the activities of Soobin Hoang Son. “I have to admit that they are very good and hard to find, they have raised the talent that Soobin myself did not know. Soobin myself is very fortunate to collaborate and learn from them very much.”- Soobin Hoang Son shared.

In addition, Soobin Huangshan shared more about the contest “Internship in Dream 2” is a good contest, very clever contestants, creative ideas and very knowledgeable about music as well as showbiz. Male singers said that the contestants gave himself new ideas, tips and more objective views of their pursuit of art. This is also the reason Soobin Hoang Son decided to participate in the contest.