Huong Tram: “I can not relax if I live as before”

Ngày đăng: 12/09/2017

Huong Tram confided that the troubles faced in the past helped her grow up and also reminded the singer not to sleep on the victory. However, Huong Tram at the age of 22 hopes the public will only care about her music instead of the old shocking statements.

 “If stopped, people who harm me will laugh on the face”

“Rainny girl” is receiving a lot of attention. Before the release of the song, did you anticipate such success?

I and composer Mr. Siro predicted it would become a hit. Actually with this song, Mr. Siro has invested a lot of gray matter, and I also ask for more and more meticulous in handling the song as well as the MV content and image.

However, the song went to number one on Zing MP3 after a few days, while the MV also held the top trend of YouTube is beyond my expectations. Maybe the heavens have paid for the efforts I spent in the past.

Have tried many styles, but you were more successful with sad ballads. Is it reason why Huong Tram decided to return to this material?

I think singing fast and energetic songs, many people can sing and I have tried it.

But, like its rhythm and melody, these songs are quickly forgotten by audiences. I was introverted and only profound song helped me to reveal all the nooks in me.

However, the singer still needs change to make the audience less bored. I myself do not want to get old while the music of the world is always changing, so for me, exploration and innovation are natural. Maybe, coming soon, I’m going to give my audience a lot of surprises.

Besides, the image of Huong Tram is also less sexy. Have you been bored with this style or have you been criticized so much?

I was in The Voice Kids hot seat and I was aware of what position I needed to convince them. It’s not that I’m bored with the sexy image, it’s what I seriously build in music. However, at least, at this moment, let me be your teacher fully. Within the framework of the competition, I know where the image I need to look.

Saying that means you are afraid of the previously controversial image influencing your reputation when taking the position of judge?

Of course I have to worry, especially from the perspective of the parents. I have rebellious statements and images in the past, but it does not affect ethical issues. I always hope the audience can pin down those two issues.

Fortunately, my worries were eliminated by joining the program.  Many contestants chose my team. And on the show I also try to inspire the children, first is the profession. For those who have questions, I hope everyone will follow up what I do for the children on the show.

What other reason makes you less talk shocking, and mainly focused on music. Are you afraid of the scandals?

Yes, humans only get windy when they sail to the sea. Maybe at young, Tram set too big goals for myself. But then, I did not have enough ability to do it. So, I think, now small boat, I play in the river for light, whenever built a big ship then I go to the sea.

Currently, I just want the audience to look at my music. The more private my life is, the more it is curious, but the curiosity of man is endless. I would not be able to live my life if I continued living as he past.

Before coming to this decision, you faced with the many troubles. Have you ever wanted to give up?

When faced with the troubles, I spent a lot of time pondering for myself, and I realized that if I stop now, I’m a loser.

Those who harm me will laugh on the face and the people will invisibly think that they are right. So, I wiped away tears and decided to do it again, though slowly and hardly, but I will be stronger.

Most of all, I know, thanks to those waves I grew up. Therefore, if there is turbulent, I will face and resolve it thoroughly. The 18-year-old turbulent always reminded me not to fall asleep on the victory.

It is difficult to find a true lover

You just broke up your lover months ago. Previously, you used to fall in love with Bui Anh Tuan, Tung Phan. It seems that the love of you all does not last long? Why so?

Young people like the experience, I can not avoid it. But I grow up very fast, every time I love in a more mature way. Only thing, the time to find myself mature, I really do not want to love anymore, simply because I have determined on the path of career I have to go, now is a critical moment to assert myself.

However, only work without any guy to confide, protect, especially when the weather is windy, do not you feel lonely?

Why not, I must have a lover, just that I feel should not be in the moment. I also many times considered myself a workaholic.

Moreover, in the people I contacted recently, no one made me curious or excited about their life.

In love story, it will be difficult to maintain the relationship if both sides have contact has understood the enemy calculated, want anything or not. I find it hard to find people who come to me honestly without any attempt and because of my reputation as “singer Huong Tram”.

The job of singing makes Huong Tram busy enough to break up lover and also because it, you can hardly find your true love. After all, do you find it worth trading off so much?

I have accepted the trade off a lot of things, which means that this work is worth it especially when I look at the great things that I myself have brought to the audience with music.

You may find that earning a lot of money is a success, but eventually it will only benefit you or your family.

And with me, with only one song, I can get sympathy from all those who are in love, happy, even grieving. Is not that something that not everyone in my age can do?

Forced to become a “salvation”

Although The Voice Kids has aired, many viewers still protest and doubt the capacity of the coach, including Huong Tram. How do you react to this feedback flow?

In this life there is absolutely nothing is completely right, I fear that the satisfaction of all opinions of the audience is impossible. However, there must be suspicion, worry, the program achieved good results, it has the effect, right?

The coaches this year are so young, there will definitely be some doubt, but the viewers are waiting for what we do for the kids from the next round. I believe the producers have their reasons for calling us names.

What is opinion that you are overriding, do not respect your teammate is Tien Cookie?

On the first day of filming, Tien was not used to talking on television so it was a little tense. Although not the proverbial, I am forced to become a salvation. Fortunately, later, when we talk to each other more, we also understand each other.

There is commented that this season is not paid attention to the previous season, because before Dong Nhi, Noo Phuoc Thinh are big names and proverbs. What do you think about this idea?

Every one of them has their own opinion. That said, last year also compared Dong Nhi and Noo Phuoc Thinh with Mr. Ho Hoai Anh, Cam Ly about experience. Then all comparisons are lame.

About the name, of course we are the next generation, can not compare the amount of fans or popularity with the elder. But I am confident that each person has a particular charisma.

And to me, to gauge the heat or charisma of each season, just looking at the judges is not right, it depends on many factors such as the quality of candidates or the competition of the program.