Huong Giang Idol: “I’m over whelmed and shocked with military discipline in Star Enlistment”

Ngày đăng: 12/09/2017

The first episode of season four – the female season of “Star Enlistment” has just aired and immediately caused fever by colorful, personality candidates Huong Giang Idol. Besides a gentle Nhung Gumiho, Mai Ngo is always different, Kha Ngan is strong, Huong Giang Idol continues to leave the impression in the audience is a witty, vivacious girl.

What was the first ritual gathering and study for Giang?

Everything is very serious and accurate, you can not add words or say anything more than the command line, everything must be absolutely precise, so that Giang felt a little pressure, not to mention must remember a lot of new things.

Are you overwhelmed by military discipline?

Heavy!  Very overwhelmed, really, Giang was shocked!  Feeling like doing something is not okay, saying something out is wrong, constantly being repressed makes me feel sometimes very uncomfortable. The accuracy of things is too high so really in early days I was very shocked!

What do you think is the most difficult thing you have to face in the military?

Getting to know the time is really tough. Normally, every night you hold the phone until 3am and sleep until it is enough. Now you have to go in there and wake up and clean blanket and run and then have to eat rice at 6 a.m., study and eat, and then again eat, not yet have a bath have to do others. If 10 o’clock is not going to sleep at night, then the lights are off, no one plays, what do you think?

Are the commanders shouted make you afraid?

Yes! Commander, what to say is only obey, no other way. Saying is shooting but then you are a member of the army, not like do not like is thrown away, contrary orders are still punished because we are still citizens, absolutely no exception!

Praised handsome teacher, you think is this a serious act in the classroom?

It is the end of the hour after the stressful and exact the teacher asks for a general comment on how we feel. At first, everyone was tense and he also worked to help us. Giang just said what I saw, also to make people happier, every day in the whole men’s army they probably never heard of it. I compliment that teacher smile happily, love life more then why I should not do? Giang does not think about praising others is not serious, it is important that the lessons I was attentive and learned well. That is serious, not red lip or handsome teacher praising!

Did Giang have a health problem like Nhung Gumiho? It seems that your fitness through many sports shows are quite good?

At that time, the weather in Hanoi was about 40 degrees, it was really horrible, luckily the first day, Giang’s health is no problem, because partly Giang was borned in the North then I am more familiar with weather, in other part because I also have a lot of experience participating in the show quite heavy before!

What specific reason for you to get permission to keep your makeup?  Do you think you slightly focus on makeup too?

Partial appeal is for me, part of the representation also speaks for everyone. It is true that sun exposure in such a way that if exposed to the face is very easy to get sick. The powder helps protect the skin of Giang because Giang is also in the process of being allergic. Giang is not afraid to show the face without makeup, Giang has been in the real face of many reality show before so I do not mind. About the color of the lipstick, in many time I was hurry so it’s over a bit, but my lips are red too!

What do you bring swimsuit to do?

Well simple, Giang was asked by the organizing committee to bring swimwear because of underwater education.

Can you make a comment about the other three teammates?

They are really different personalities, who are all resilient fighters. Time will tell, do not rush to judge that the girl is thinking not serious, see more to understand everyone!

What did you do on your spare time in the military?

There is no free time, just like every other soldier, just change clothes and wear clothes all day long. I do not have time to concentrate!

The next episode seemed like a challenge that made you want to leave?

Yes! But Giang must keep the secret!