Ho Hoai Anh with Luu Thien Huong are on the hot seat of “BeU with Honda 2017”

Ngày đăng: 12/09/2017

Ho Hoai Anh with Luu Thien Huong have shared around the role of the judge for this year’s sing and dance talent search.

How long have you joined to the contest as a judge? What charm to have such a sticking so long?

Ho Hoai Anh: I stick with “BeU with Honda” for 3 years because of the core values ​​that the program brings. For me, “BeU with Honda” does not stop at a musical talent and choreography contest but also a place to lead young people in the right direction on the path of realizing their dreams.

Ho Hoai Anh

Ho Hoai Anh

The strength of the program is the caring of the coaches. We provide the right direction and advice for each contestant as well as accompany them throughout the competition. With the rehearsal time together, I am confident that the contestants will be more advanced in singing, performing styles on the stage.

Luu Thien Huong: This is the first time Huong is on hot seat contest of “BeU with Honda”. Receiving invitations from manufacture, Luu Thien Huong felt quite interesting with a talent competition that took place over many years. Huong thinks that this is a special program should decide to join immediately. Working with Huong are experienced figures, so Huong is confident that people will find the jewel in the talent showbiz Vietnam.

As a judge, can you open a few criteria selection contestants for the contest this year?

Ho Hoai Anh: Over the course of a regular talent search competition, this program is a source of passion for young people. So first and foremost, I would appreciate the people who live up to their passion for singing, not cheating or anything else to impress the judge and the audience. As a jewel that has not been honed, after training and working with the coaches, we will help our talents shine and master the performance.

Luu Thien Huong

Luu Thien Huong

Luu Thien Huong: For Huong, in addition to the style of performance of confident and beautiful voice, Huong wants you to focus more on the technical expertise such as handling songs, vocal technique … Candidate must do their best to make sure that the finals are rigorous.

Do you have any advice for candidates to be able to successfully complete their exams, especially the entrance exam in September directly?

Ho Hoai Anh: I see you guys lose the calm when facing the judges, resulting in bad results, although many of you have true qualities. So, I want you to bring psychological comfort, confidence is still the most important thing. Win the judges by yourself!

Luu Thien Huong: You have to consider and choose a song that suits your voice and style. Huong has met many friends despite the quality but unfortunately the way to choose the wrong game should stop the game soon. Huong hope that you will not make mistakes like this and try your best in the contest to have the opportunity to go to the next round.