Dang Huu Lam: “I like Miss Vu Cat Tuong … but maybe I and Uncle Soobin are more attached to each other”

Ngày đăng: 13/09/2017

Dang Huu Lam – team Soobin Hoang Son made the coach “shocked” in the fourth round Hide of The Voice Kids – Vietnamese voice singing 2017 when singing the song “The roof of temple in sea village”. This boy from Binh Thuan has made the listener listen to his unspoken singing voice in his pretty nostalgic pitches next to his stage performance style.

Having been a contestant for Season 3, stopping early but did not frustrate, trying to train only with guidance from his family and his innate talents helped Huu Lam present at the Voice Vietnamese children singing this year with full of confidence and charismatic performance.

As soon as preparing to step onto the stage, did you have intention of choosing which coach for you yet?

I feel very touched when lucky to receive the choice of the coach. At first I really liked Vu Cat Tuong and I was going to choose her team. But while choosing, there are also many fans cheering, suggesting children also “scattered” their thoughts. Also, the remarks of uncle Soobin Hoang Son is very convincing. I think maybe I and Uncle Soobin are more attached to each other so I came back to him.

How did coach Soobin Hoang Son teach and how do you feel about his guidance?

I feel he guides us quite a lot of different genres and he just taught quite meticulous. Soobin is also very funny.

He commented the voice of me is quite high, the high note is quite internal, if more training will further maximize the singing voice of me.

Why do you choose the song “The roof of temple in sea village”, this song is very difficult to adults, also have to train a lot to sing?

From childhood or participating in the arts at school, class and locality I also get used to the stage. I choose this song because I want to conquer it and conquer the coaches because the song is good and has the climax.

In addition to contemporary folk songs, which other genres do you like?

I love the English songs of the world famous diva like: Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Beyonce …

In addition to the diva, the person I like is Thu Minh because she is beautiful, has a voice singing and the ability to dance well. Not only the famous singer, but also Thu Minh is a trainer with enthusiasm for students. I see that she only teaches students so much and has brought success to her students in 2 seasons.

Who is the inspirer of music for you?

Every member of my family loves art, especially my brother. I hear him often singing young music, music of the big diva. He also teaches a lot for me in singing, how to deal with people around to be allowed.

My dream will be to become a popular singer with many fans (laughs).

Joined also many contests, which is memory that you remember most to now?

Two years ago, I was beaten down when joined The Voice Kid. I also chose “The roof of temple in sea village” for the exam, but I was too young to be selected. I am sad too but I try so hard to come back now and determined to sing well.

With such great determination, what goals have you set yourself for the competition this time?

I will have to try hard to get into the inner round, to receive the love from people. I will spend 100% of the work force for this contest.