Cao Ngan: “Previously suffered lung injury, broken collarbone and vomiting blood so unconscious loss weight”

Ngày đăng: 10/09/2017

Appearing in the finale of Vietnam’s Next Top Model Season All Stars, in addition to the popular crowd supporters, Cao Ngan also was ridiculed about her thin body. However, little is known behind the apathy appearance that many say is “mobile skeleton”, “Egyptian mummy” or “do not care for yourself” is a story that when repeats, Cao  Ngan is still haunted.

Currently I am 43 kg and still trying to improve my weight

Hi Cao Ngan, how do you feel before the warm support of the audience in the finale of Vietnam’s Next Top Model?

The feeling was really “broken”. I only use this word at the happiest moment of my life. And last night, I just lived in that feeling.

However, many viewers are worried about your health, why do you look so sick?  Even friends revealed that you coughed up blood after performing on stage?

It is true that I am losing weight today. I have many health problems. Because of frequent nightly shooting then cough. Although I eat too much I’m still thin. After leaving the house, I went home and got 2kg. Currently my weight is 43 kg. Probably if I eat, drink and rest properly, the weight will soon be improved.

Coughing up blood was probably because I had nosebleeds before. Then the blood is still in the nose so cough out a little blood. Nothing is serious.

Do you read jokes, prank you on social networks?

At the end of the show, I was asked by friends, phone calls and asked not to be sad about the image or words of netizens. At that time surfing facebook to see it but I’m not sad. I myself do not want to be sick like that. I know I’m losing a lot of weight and trying to change everything.

Ever had a lung and shoulder fractures accident, model dream seems to have closed

Was your health affected much after the stroke of several years ago?

Every time I repeat that accident, all my feelings rush back, not run away where it all. I think I find myself again then after the end of the show in Hanoi to aircraft to Ho Chi Minh City to prepare for Fashion Week. Being driven back to the house, two young men were running to take the bag. Unexpectedly, I staggered very painfully, so just thinking about how to participate in catwalk show anymore.

I accompanied the model Thanh Thuy. She called me to the hospital. At that time there are no brothers, relatives at the side. Only close friends know immediately run into me. Initially the hospital did not pick up because I had a head injury, had to make another trip. Staying on the bus, I can not believe what’s going on. Tears in the anxiety, panic. Until my brother and I went to the hospital, I breathed a sigh of relief. Now believe me that I just had an accident. What’s going on is not a dream.

That time I did not lose too many items, but health is really a problem. One side of my face hit the road, scratched and bleeding, still scarring. I broke my right collarbone and suffered a mild lung injury. Injury to the lungs so I vomited a lot, almost can not eat anything, go to vomit again, sometimes vomiting blood. I can not continue fashion show, have to return home. My health is weak, and my weight is lost every day.

And that’s why you’re missing a long time?

The physical injury was heavy at that time, and mental trauma was more severe. Feeling that I am from a healthy person to whom is now in a place, unable to work hard, not making money. Every day in bed, mother and sister have to do everything make me feel so useless.

During that time, I fell into a deep psychological crisis. At that time also my hair is lost. I do not know whether the injuries caused by the accident affect me or the pressure that I myself endure is suppressing.

It takes me a long time to pursue a model. Just a little flicker, a little chance now is like this. I thought in a moment, I give up and nothing else!

So Cao Ngan still back to “extremely beneficial” in Next Top season All Stars?

Probably because I have a charm for the profession. After resting, I went back to school. At that time still not thinking in the beginning will continue to pursue the modeling job. But at home watching the fashion FTV channel, I want to do it again. At that time, there was an invitation to join the Next Top All Stars season so I risked myself one more chance.

Seeing you have a lot of health effects, during the season have you any difficulty?

The shoulder bone should be quite painful so sometimes I can not work hard. There are times when I want to shape but it is very painful. The filming with a continuous time, turned to morning, causing me to cough a lot. But people see that, Cao Ngan has tried and tried a lot.

So also your family in the countryside, is economic condition enough to support you throughout that difficult period?

My family is not well off.  Parents also do not support my modeling contest. I am not high from the baby, must come after puberty to grow up and beat up than the boys. But in the countryside do not know what model is. Later in the city, there are also rehearsal performances, then Next Top Model takes place, all friends told me to join. Finally, I also registered, appearing on television. I myself show how so, no acting to attract attention. Being funny, or poking fun at someone, singing, I was aware of the public and tried to modify, but certainly still retain the substance of Cao Ngan.

After Next Top, what are you planning to do for yourself?

Performing in the country is a lot, but I still want to go abroad to experience and learn how to work in the international environment. Currently I am in the middle of life, must learn everything. I have to make myself more diverse, more transformative to the audience when referring to Cao Ngan will not feel the image of her model a color.