Appear a formidable opponent of milk tea

Ngày đăng: 08/09/2017

When the era of milk tea to the throne with a series of tea shops are growing up close, dainty, guests do not know what flavor to choose then the fruit tea appears. The younger, though not too unfamiliar with young people, is also a noteworthy option but has not really been widely welcomed.

The menu of milk tea shops are not wrapped up in the variations of this dish that expands with ‘healthier’ teas, better for health – fruit tea. Initially, fruit tea was confined within a few popular tea lines but the taste was as varied as regular milk tea.

To help diners not feel bored with the tea taste is too familiar to the ears like o-long tea, black tea, jasmine tea …, the brand added the fruit to bring the sweet taste that  do not use too much sugar or sweeteners, make the glass of water more unnecessary energy.

The names that just read up have seen extremely fresh like olong orange peach strawberry tea, lime green honey tea … Not just instant refreshments,  this also provides better health stability than over-recharging, which causes your body to be irritated, leading to more appetite than just a glass of milk tea.

Delicious milk tea is an excellent choice because of the delicious, fatty taste of cheese and crispy topping made from pearls. Fruit tea is a good choice to replace the milk tea habit with the same kind of cool ‘toppings’ as well as split grain, natural or flute fog. Although not as popular as the cup of cream cheese milk tea but fruit is still ‘chop’ because not too sweet or too fat. This dish brings the feeling of ‘pure’ real, stable quality and price is not overwhelming. Before the storm of the series of milk tea landing, fruit tea is also welcomed and tried more.

Heekcaa is one of the most famous milk tea brands in Vietnam and is well received by young people from the very first days of the show, featuring cream cheese, smooth, tasty, and creamy milk tea. The price is higher than other brands. However, the fruit tea here is equally popular and created a wave of customers responded strongly by the mix of fruits ‘thought not fit but not ideal’ with multi menu. The price is not too expensive, it is worth trying.

Orange House is also a new choice for those who love the combination of tea and fresh fruit. Even in the name has shown the focus on the water that the shop pursue, bringing the direction of the drink is pure, nutritious as the fruit tea, juice or vitamins. Orange House has its own unique names such as Golden Dream, First Love or Sunshine, and are a great choice for young to try out.

A brand of British style royal tea shown clearly in the store decoration as well as the names like the Queen’s orange tea, matcha cream tea or royal cheese cream cheese. Britea is loved by young people not only because of the prime location, but also because of the taste and space are very good, different from the common ground, and more suitable for young people’s virtual life.

From the days of not officially opened, young people have been stirred by this emerging Taiwanese brand. Mr. Wish is also a brand specializing in pure fruit tea, most notably the rainbow tea fruit with a combination of different fruits are chopped pomegranate and combine with tea in harmony. There are black tea or mango tea also contribute to the menu more diverse, fresh and pure fresh fruit.

Although fruit juices are not widely available but the benefits to the body that they bring, there is no need to think about it when it comes to choosing. A glass of water with freshly sliced ​​fresh fruit and tea flavor and cool toppings, sweet, not too harsh, just cooling the heat, purifying the body, bringing more healthy vitamins is a perfect choice. For those of you who have been feeling ‘dizzy’ with the world of milk tea is gradually saturated out there.