“Chi Pheo extra story”: When the inspiration is so different!?

Ngày đăng: 15/09/2017

Chi Pheo is a movie film that is advertised as being built on the basis of material from Chi Pheo’s literary work by Nam Cao. The characters in the film are similar in character to the characters in the original plot, such as Chi (Chi Pheo), Na (Thi No), Thien Ba (Ba Kien), etc.

However, the film crew moved the character of modern times, from the context of northern Vietnamese countryside during the feudal colonization to the Saigon underground scene in 2017, painted more colors with new characters for the purpose of creating a completely new view of the story in the village of Vu Dai literary as well as the film adaptation in 1982.

The story revolves around Na (Thu Trang) – a girl who lost both her talent and her look, had the appearance of being like Thi No. Although be only a cleaning labor but Na always dream of a day to become a real detective. Understanding this psychology of Na so Jolie (Lily Nguyen) – the most fiery body of the company has taken advantage of her as a hired hand, investigating for herself such as finding missing cats, adultery, etc.

In a cat hunt, Na clash Chi (Tien Luat), a wanderer with a hired mercenary past. Na and Chi have one thing in common is to find the truth about the death of a policeman, brother of Na. From here, with the speculative mind of Na (based on the experience of investigating adultery !?) and Chi’s muscular strength, the two combine into a detective duo, along the path to find the truth. From here, they discovered the secrets of a drug-dealing and drug-related business line led by tycoon Thien Ba (Nhan Phuc Vinh).

Chi Pheo extra story has a fascinating open content that is quite attractive, easy to evoke imagination in the audience with many creative changes from the original literary. Chi Pheo’s classic saying “Who makes me good”, when desperate for being blamed on the original, is now transformed into a purveyor of the purity of the American action film.

Thi No is also from an ugly girl to become an amateur crime detective. Ba Kien in the story is a cunning landowner, expert exploitation of others, bullying good people, in this version is a young crime boss, handsome and high.

If the original was a “miserable tongue escaping from mischief” (according to Nam Cao in another of his works) the new version is a detective story, adventure under the background of the underworld. With that background, the movie could be great if the script is better developed, better storytelling. However, with Danny Do’s first film, he seems to be overwhelmed.

Not to mention that the film is hardly considered an “extra story” because the character system is separate from the original character system. Tien Luat’s character – Chi is not another version of Chi Pheo of Nam Cao but just a person with the same name and admiration of Chi Pheo comic book because the main character has many similarities in fate.

In other words, in the world of Chi Pheo extra story, the “Chi Pheo” is the name of a fictional work. The director does not necessarily need to put this information into because it is unnecessary and disturbing the audience watching the film as well as create unnecessary expectations.

This Chi character has two stories in the past. Both stories are coincidental with circumstances such as sham murder, imprisonment and find purity for him. It made the film confusing as well as hindering the message of “finding good” – a very primal spirit in literary works.

Second, in addition to the unreasonable narrative, the movie clumsy, the audience also have many difficulties in capturing the story because humor is inserted into the interlaced but not really effective.

There is a comedy situation that character Sau Banh (Kieu Minh Tuan) was bed in the hospital torture that film reused for quite a long time, lost the time of the film and reduced the interest of the audience. There are also very rough comedy situations as when the character of Thu Trang finds two cats then discover Chi and a body next to him, she immediately deduce that: “two people, two cats, is it a circle?”.

This is a rather coarse and absurd detail that appears at the beginning of the film, which can easily be counterproductive from the moment the story is not yet pictured. This is extremely unlikely to be in a comedy / entertainment movie. These American comedy situations later also pretty much, though not nonsense, but it is not effective for the Vietnamese audience because. do not come enough, perhaps the Vietnamese audience in foreign will be easier to laugh!

Thought, the film should restrain the excesses, keep the story lines from the character Chi Pheo. Starting from the fact that he was a wanderer who grew up on the street and then went to prison, he recovered, but was caught in the shadow of the “underworld” when he was free. Then was slander and have to hide, just proved the clean. In the process, he met Na and two people find the sympathy due to the prejudice of society. Things to exploit in Chi is the past. The problem with Na is the appearance. If removed the elements like detective, aunt but focusing on the story of two people will be “Chi Pheo” and more attractive, easier to follow.

Despite such regrets as above, Chi Pheo extra story still has some plus points such as good actor performance and excellent soundtrack. The actors almost fulfill their roles. Thu Trang portrayed the back, naughty of Na. Although the movie experience is not much, Tien Luat also portrayed himself a rough outside but sensitive, weak inside.

Nhan Phuc Vinh will continue to play another interesting boss after “The race” in 2013. His style and handsome contribute to the boss of Thien Ba out a quality “I can be betrayed, but never losers” very beneficial, attractive.

Two OSTs in the film by Thu Minh and Linh Phi are also very catchy, emotional. In short, if you are an audience that is used to the kind of comedy and want to find a good evening, Chi Pheo extra story is a good alternative. And if you are still curious about a version of “extra story” of Chi Pheo, it is difficult to satisfy. Chi Pheo is really like a very inspiring but quickly lost and traveled.